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Hello,> > Transpose = Transporte ?> > In this case I'm trying to talk about the act of changing a piece of> music from one key (say, E), to another key (say, D).> > Elsewhere, when I use "Transport" it means the physical mechanisms that> control the "tape", eg, play+rewind+ffw+stop+record.> > So somehow I think a "tape Transport" != Transporte> > Does Transpose really = Transporte?I would translate Transpose = Transportar (Since I study music this is the name we had use at spanish conservatory)> > "Toggle" = Palanca? A toggle, in english, is a button that you push to> Auto Reproturn on, and push again to turn off.I would translate Toggle=Interruptor> > So I am thinking that:> > Toggle Record Enable Track12 != Permetir Grabar por Bot?n para Pista 12> and is more like:> > "Palanca permetir grabar para Pista 12"> > ?> I think "Permitir grabación en la Pista 12" would be something clearer from a spanish point of view. (If someone disagree please say).> Pitch = Echada? I don't think this is the musical word.> Pitch = Altura, nota (this two names are possible but Altura is more general while Nota refers to the note names like Do, Re, Mi,..)> Some screen space issues:> > pan = balance?> gain = ganancia?> > # at least in Nicaragua, mas or menus ganancia is the right term for> asking for more or less gain> > What would it do to a spanish speaker's mind if I abbreviated these to be:> > pan = bal> gain = gana> > (and sorry != is programmer language for "not equal to")Balance and Ganancia are ok, but I dont think this abbreviated versions will work very good. If you want abbreviations I would use Pan for Panorámica (Balance) and Vol for Volumen (Ganancia)> > Editor = Redactor? I used Editar> Show Mixer = Demuestre el mezclado?Editor = Editor (just a pronunciation difference)Show Mixer = Mostrar el Mezclador> > punch in = ?I guess this one refers to "Insertar" (not so sure about what punch in does)> > Scroll = Enrolle? (to scroll a window across a screen, as opposed to a> piece of paper with writing on it from Egyptian times.)I would say Scroll=Deslizar> >>>>> "barra de reproducci?n" as a synonym for a tape "PlayHead"Cabeza de Reproducción is my bet.> > Because PlayHead is so much shorter and I'm low on screen space, I> reverted to using PlayHead throughout. There is no harm in some english> leaking into the translation for core concepts when there is no Spanish> equivalent. Still, is there a real word for a tape deck's "play head"?> > Entradas = Inputs> Salidas = Outputs> Solo = Solo> Mudo = Mute # I'm told Silenciar is better, but Mudo is mnemonicEnmudecer = Mute (its almost mnemonic too :), but right, Silenciar is the proper one> >>>>> Marcas? Marcadores?> > Still unsure when to use either in place of "markers". as in CD markersMarcadores> > Cuadros = Frames?> ? = sub frames?subcuadros?> >>>>> Reproducir Autom?ticamente = Auto Play> > Given the lack of screen space, I changed it to:> Reproducir Auto> > which hopefully is somewhat meaningful and not too misleading.This one is ok.> > There are probably a lot of other problems. For example one translation> of Master seemed to be "Amo" - and amor means Love, as in "my love" - mi> amor. Assuming this is correct, it sheds some light on cultural> differences.> > Time Master thus became Amo Tiempo> > I kept it because it was short and funny, one of the few times the> translation got shorter rather than bigger....> >  Perhaps Tiempo Jefe makes more sense? (time boss)I find your solution rather funny, I cant find a proper translation for that, in this case I would use Master Tempo, since Master is a common word in studio environment. > > Thanks in advance for any help you can offer....> > Youre welcome hope this helps,Josu.
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