[Ardour-Users] Reviewers wanted: Spanish translation of ardour

Pablo Enrici pabloenrici at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 06:52:20 PST 2009

Hi, I'm an Ardour user and native spanish speaker from Argentina. I
appreciate your work translating Ardour and will try to help you with
your first doubts before I check the file you attached because that's
something I've never done before.

> Transpose = Transporte ?
> In this case I'm trying to talk about the act of changing a piece of
> music from one key (say, E), to another key (say, D).

The spanish for "Transpose" is "Transponer". Maybe "Transporte" isn't
wrong, but I've always heard of "Transponer".

> Elsewhere, when I use "Transport" it means the physical mechanisms that
> control the "tape", eg, play+rewind+ffw+stop+record.
> So somehow I think a "tape Transport" != Transporte

I don't know if there is a specific word in spanish for that, but I've
seen it translated in other programs as "Transporte".

> "Toggle" = Palanca? A toggle, in english, is a button that you push to
> Auto Reproturn on, and push again to turn off.
> So I am thinking that:
> Toggle Record Enable Track12 != Permetir Grabar por Botón para Pista 12
> and is more like:
> "Palanca permetir grabar para Pista 12"
> ?

The same here, I don't think there is a spanish word for toggle in
this context. For sure, "Palanca" is not a good choice. I think it
would go something like:
Toggle Record Enable Track12 = Habilitar Grabación para Pista 12
Toggle Record Enable Track12 = Habilitar Grabación Pista 12 (if your
screen space is scarce)

It's not an exact translation since "Habilitar" is the spanish for "to
enable" and "toggle" means both enable and disable (switch between two
states) but I think it's a good choice.

> Pitch = Echada? I don't think this is the musical word.
Not "echada" (I think it refers to the other meaning of pitch (as in
pitch, tilt, roll, etc...)
In spanish "Pitch" = "Afinación" (preferably) or "Altura" (more ambiguous)

> Some screen space issues:
> pan = balance?

I think one would talk of "balance" in stereo signals and "pan" in
mono. In either case the spanish por "balance" is "balance" and the
spanish por "pan" (or "panorama") is "pan" (or "panorama"), so, there
would be no problems here :)

> gain = ganancia?
 Yes :)

> What would it do to a spanish speaker's mind if I abbreviated these to be:
> pan = bal
> gain = gana

Mmm, I have my doubts with "gana", I would prefer "nivel" ("level") if
you're looking for a shorter term.

> Editor = Redactor? I used Editar
The spanish pro "editor" would be "editor" too :)

> Show Mixer = Demuestre el mezclado?
"Show mixer" = "Mostrar mezcladora" o "Mostrar mezclador"

> punch in = ?

Mmm, not sure here. In Argentina we call that "pinchar", so "punch in"
/ "punch out" would be something like "entrada de pinchado" / "salida
de pinchado" but it sounds really strange. I think I would leave it as
"punch in" and "punch out".

> Scroll = Enrolle? (to scroll a window across a screen, as opposed to a
> piece of paper with writing on it from Egyptian times.)

In this context we can say Scroll = Desplazamiento

> >> >> "barra de reproducción" as a synonym for a tape "PlayHead"
> Because PlayHead is so much shorter and I'm low on screen space, I
> reverted to using PlayHead throughout. There is no harm in some english
> leaking into the translation for core concepts when there is no Spanish
> equivalent. Still, is there a real word for a tape deck's "play head"?

The real spanish word for a tape deck's "play head" would be "cabezal
de reproducción" (and a "record head" would be "cabezal de
grabación"). Besides the lack of screen space, I don't think it's a
good idea to use "cabezal" to refer to Ardour's playhead. I would call
it a "cursor" or as you suggested "barra de reproducción".

> Entradas = Inputs
> Salidas = Outputs
> Solo = Solo


> Mudo = Mute # I'm told Silenciar is better, but Mudo is mnemonic
Yes, "Silenciar" is better. If not, I would say "Enmudecer". A bit
weirder, though.

> >> >> Marcas? Marcadores?
> Still unsure when to use either in place of "markers". as in CD markers

I would say "Marcadores" is better.

> Cuadros = Frames?
I think so.

> ? = sub frames?
I think we should say "sub cuadros".

> >> >> Reproducir Automáticamente = Auto Play


> Given the lack of screen space, I changed it to:
> Reproducir Auto

Good too! :)

> There are probably a lot of other problems. For example one translation
> of Master seemed to be "Amo" - and amor means Love, as in "my love" - mi
> amor. Assuming this is correct, it sheds some light on cultural
> differences.
> Time Master thus became Amo Tiempo
>  Perhaps Tiempo Jefe makes more sense? (time boss)

Although the exact spanish translation for "master/slave" would be
"amo/esclavo" I have always found it as "maestro/esclavo" across
technical literature. So, I wouldn't use "amo" or "jefe" at all.
I think we would need some other terms that describe the action while
they might not be an actual translation, as for example "Sincronizar
en base a Ardour" or something like that.

Well, I hope this helps a bit.


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