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David Taht d at teklibre.com
Sun Feb 15 12:26:33 PST 2009

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I have (with a few amigos) been working on a spanish translation of
ardour for the past few months.

It has become vastly more usable than the existing translation inside of
ardour svn. (what's in svn is 4 years out of date and had translated
about 12% of ardour's strings, this is closer to 60% and more accurate).

I would like to get it into good enough condition to include in an
upcoming ardour release, but as my spanish is not very good, and my
musical spanish even less good, some help would be nice. Any native
spanish speakers out there?

The most recent version can be downloaded from:


# it is a tarball because otherwise your web browser might mangle the
# UTF-8 codes.

You can look at it in a text editor such as gedit, vi or emacs
or in a translator specific program such as poedit.

To incorporate it into your version of ardour, extract the tarball into
gtk_ardour inside your ardour source directory, e.g:

cd src/ardour-2.7.1 # if that's where you put ardour
cd gtk2_ardour
tar xvzf ~/ardour_es_ES.po.tgz # if that's where you put the tgz file
cd ..
sudo scons install # for ubuntu. Or su -c

# I have found that I have to manually set

export LANG=es_ES.UTF-8

# before running ardour as for some reason my box does not fall back
# to that from my current LANG setting (LANG=es_NI.UTF-8)
# I don't know if I'm doing that part right at all, or ardour isn't

#I can provide a x86_64 .mo file upon request, which would eliminate the
#need for a recompile.

#I do not currently have an x86 compatible .mo file.

My known issues are:

I care most about things that are misleading  (something bad like -
"ERASE FILE" = "Nuevo Pista") at this point. Stuff marked "Fuzzy" are
not being used primarily for this reason....

I have some problems I'm aware of, let me go into them:

Transpose = Transporte ?

In this case I'm trying to talk about the act of changing a piece of
music from one key (say, E), to another key (say, D).

Elsewhere, when I use "Transport" it means the physical mechanisms that
control the "tape", eg, play+rewind+ffw+stop+record.

So somehow I think a "tape Transport" != Transporte

Does Transpose really = Transporte?

"Toggle" = Palanca? A toggle, in english, is a button that you push to
Auto Reproturn on, and push again to turn off.

So I am thinking that:

Toggle Record Enable Track12 != Permetir Grabar por Botón para Pista 12
and is more like:

"Palanca permetir grabar para Pista 12"


Pitch = Echada? I don't think this is the musical word.

Some screen space issues:

pan = balance?
gain = ganancia?

# at least in Nicaragua, mas or menus ganancia is the right term for
asking for more or less gain

What would it do to a spanish speaker's mind if I abbreviated these to be:

pan = bal
gain = gana

(and sorry != is programmer language for "not equal to")

Editor = Redactor? I used Editar
Show Mixer = Demuestre el mezclado?

punch in = ?

Scroll = Enrolle? (to scroll a window across a screen, as opposed to a
piece of paper with writing on it from Egyptian times.)

>> >> "barra de reproducción" as a synonym for a tape "PlayHead"

Because PlayHead is so much shorter and I'm low on screen space, I
reverted to using PlayHead throughout. There is no harm in some english
leaking into the translation for core concepts when there is no Spanish
equivalent. Still, is there a real word for a tape deck's "play head"?

Entradas = Inputs
Salidas = Outputs
Solo = Solo
Mudo = Mute # I'm told Silenciar is better, but Mudo is mnemonic

>> >> Marcas? Marcadores?

Still unsure when to use either in place of "markers". as in CD markers

Cuadros = Frames?
? = sub frames?

>> >> Reproducir Automáticamente = Auto Play

Given the lack of screen space, I changed it to:
Reproducir Auto

which hopefully is somewhat meaningful and not too misleading.

There are probably a lot of other problems. For example one translation
of Master seemed to be "Amo" - and amor means Love, as in "my love" - mi
amor. Assuming this is correct, it sheds some light on cultural

Time Master thus became Amo Tiempo

I kept it because it was short and funny, one of the few times the
translation got shorter rather than bigger....

 Perhaps Tiempo Jefe makes more sense? (time boss)

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer....

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David Taht
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