[Ardour-Dev] OSC: "Sendback" Interface?

Harry Van Haaren harryhaaren at gmail.com
Tue Dec 15 15:40:47 PST 2009

Hey all,

I've got a suggestion for a method to allow OSC data be routed not only
towards Ardour, but
also "away" from it. An intro to OSC & Ardour is

To control Ardour using OSC, we do this:
> a.sendMsg("/ardour/routes/gainabs", 1, 1.0); // master track, 0dB

I suggest that a "client" can hook into "the Ardours OSC sending list."
This would be a new feature for Ardour I think, and would need to be
Basically its a callback OSC. New coined term: SendBack interface.. sounds a
bit better
for network transfers. (And were not "calling" the client, were sending it
an OSC message.)

To Add itself to the list, a client could call something like:
> a.sendMsg("/ardour/addsendback" , "<OSC Address here>" );
Where the OSC Address would be the clients address that Ardour should all
send messages to.

Ardour could keep a list of "sendback" clients, to which it should update
value changes etc.
This way, if ardour is fully OSC usable, all Control Surface problems can be
abstracted to OSC,
and hence no individual control protocols must be mapped to Ardours' own
system. Instead,
the controller would have to be accessed though *ANY* means, and its only
requirement would
be to convert the ControlSurfaces' commands to OSC.

Shameless self promotion: See the Wiimote & Ardour via OSC post

I'm not sure of details in the MIDI implementation, or of the OSC
implementation, so I'm assuming
some things here. If they aren't as I think, please "inform" me ;~)

Cheers, -Harry
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