[Ardour-Dev] python binding...

Georg Rudolph georg.rudolph at schwaben.de
Fri Dec 11 00:06:10 PST 2009

Am 11.12.2009 03:19, schrieb torbenh:
> hi.. 
> .....
> we need a way to specify what gets exported and what not.
> i think the most elegant way would be to mark functions in the
> headerfiles. 
> .....

the most missing ardour remote command for me is delete_marker(), maybe
start_loop_here() and end_loop_here().

I mean, jump to the marker, then delete it.

Often I remote control Ardour through an mceusb2 infrared remote, a perl
skript, perl-Audio-Ardour-Control, OSC.

With add_marker(), next_marker(), previous_marker() it's easy to mark
and jump back and forth to interesting places in a rehearsal session
with my singers group. If the numbers of markers set gets too high its
uneasy to jump back and forth with this narrow interface. To delete
unneded markers would help. Occasional xrun markers could be deleted
too, when they are enabled. I like it, when I don't have to walk to the
computer, but can be part of the group and control ardour remotely. Fast
forward, rewind, record etc works very nice. Through various mails I
spotted that gain control of individual stripes is on the way. For this
I currently use jackminimix instances.

One trick I use with ardour, for how to know when the session is loaded
and is ready to be controlled: I scan per script with xwininfo the title
string until the * is gone. The * signals project modified, but session
loading too, by chance, or smart design :) Probably an official OSC
readable status for session up would be helpful, also the setting of the
OSC port by a commandline parameter. With xwit I also like to pop
up/down the ardour windows remotely.

So, it's not about python, so please excuse :)

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