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m.eik michalke m at openmusiccontest.org
Tue Jan 31 02:52:59 PST 2017

Am Dienstag, 31. Januar 2017, 17:28:29 CET schrieb nick mainsbridge:
> I think a better way would be to drag the first meter to the right
> (assuming that all regions are glued to bars and beats).

most are, but not all; i had to slightly adjust some drum beats, those small 
regions are not perfectly fitted to neighboring beats.

> This will give you the space to accommodate new material to the left, but
> of course will not extend the tempo map to that area. It will however leave
> the map unchanged wrt your existing material.

i'll try and see where this gets me ;-)

> I'll look into making 'insert time' work better here - its something that
> may be relevant to the work going on in 'rework_snap' branch.

my impression is that the changes are not being carried out "in one go" but 
one at a time, with "adjustments" being made to the positions of existing 
stuff (like "where does this tempo change now?", "where does this MIDI region 
begin now?") between some of those steps.

viele grüße :: m.eik

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