[Ardour-Users] 4-channel stereo

Gunter Königsmann gunter at peterpall.de
Sat May 21 05:25:05 PDT 2016

Thanks for all your answers!

> Select the 2 (or more) files in the Import Dialog.
> If the duration of all files is identical, the "Mapping" dropdown offers
> a "Merge" option.
> That will create a single multi-channel track, each file a channel.
I knew that the answer would be simple. Thanks a lot!
> Then again it may not be what you want. Ardour does not feature 4.0 (or
> 5.1 or N.M panning). Currently the only built-in multi-channel panner in
> Ardour is VBAP.
No panning needed on my side. So I am completely happy with what ardour
has to offer.

Kind regards,


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