[Ardour-Users] call for feedback -- basic set of bundled plugins

Braxton Salyer braxtonsalyer at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 00:17:25 PDT 2016

EQ sounds good but in my opinion the high/low pass filters should have been
kept in it, but made separate bands (eg: high and low pass, high and low
shelves, plus 4 peaking bands, 8 filters total). It makes a lot more sense
to me workflow wise to have them right there in the EQ.

The compressor is solid

The reverb sounds good but some controls for things like damping, early
reflections, etc would be nice.

and lastly, the delay is solid too.

As a side note, in the future I'd love to see a multiband compressor,
expander and/or gate, and a dedicate limiter if Damien would be willing to
contribute them.

Thanks for the awesome work done on/to ardour so far!

Braxton Salyer
Owner - Scarlet Letters Productions
braxtonsalyer at gmail.com
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