[Ardour-Users] call for feedback -- basic set of bundled plugins

Ben Bell bjb-ardour-users at deus.net
Mon Jul 18 00:47:17 PDT 2016

On Mon, Jul 18, 2016 at 02:17:25AM -0500, Braxton Salyer wrote:
> EQ sounds good but in my opinion the high/low pass filters should have been
> kept in it, but made separate bands (eg: high and low pass, high and low
> shelves, plus 4 peaking bands, 8 filters total). It makes a lot more sense
> to me workflow wise to have them right there in the EQ.
Just goes to show you can't please everyone: I almost commented that for
me it would make sense if the shelving filters and a single band EQ were
available separately too. But at this point it's dancing on a pin about
workflow -- the functionality is there and looks promising.

> As a side note, in the future I'd love to see a multiband compressor,
> expander and/or gate, and a dedicate limiter if Damien would be willing to
> contribute them.
Of these I think the expander/gate is probably the most obvious basic
bread-and-butter style plugin that's missing, though I'd love to see the
other two at some point too.

Of course more core plugins can be added later so there is probably wisdom in
concentrating on getting the first wave of them right in terms of sound and
feature set before adding more.

Thanks again to the Ardour developers for this. It's a really positive step
forward for Ardour I think.


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