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oli_kester oli_kester at zoho.com
Thu Oct 30 06:53:44 PDT 2014

Hello all

I'm wondering whether anyone would be able to help me with the issue below? I did send it to Paul who has helped me before, but got no response. I am aware that he's probably really busy developing Ardour (and many other things I'm sure) so I thought I'd try you lovely people instead!

An update - this issue has stopped happening since I increased the JACK "port maximum" variable, which I'm convinced was the cause of the issue. My theory is that Ardour tries to create the track, then fails (and crashes) when the port connections are refused. This then results with the config file having half the code for a new track, which prevents the session from loading. 

I no longer use Ardour for new midi as I prefer the way seq24 lets me work, although I don't completely rule it out :)

Any help / pointers would really be appreciated! I can edit the files myself if needed, but don't know where to start. Session file available on request. 

cheers, Oliver

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Hi Paul

I've run into problems with one of my Ardour3 sessions again. I've just updated to the latest release, but this session was started a couple of months ago. 

Again, the session refuses to load past "using configuration". The session crashed when trying to create a new audio track, and is now inaccessible. I save snapshots often and perform regular backups of all my sessions so it's not the end of the world, just inconvenient. 

The MIDI files are included also, incase this is the source of the problem. This session does not give any missing file errors on startup, which is nice. 

Something is definitely wrong with the config though, as every time I restore to the working version and attempt to add my new track, Ardour crashes and the session is corrupted. 

Thanks for your help


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