[Ardour-Users] Lost Midifiles

Harold Aling ardour at sait.nl
Sun Oct 26 07:59:22 PDT 2014

On 26 October 2014 14:33, Orm Finnendahl
<orm.finnendahl at selma.hfmdk-frankfurt.de> wrote:
> Hi,
>  the worst nightmare imagenable to me happened today: After two days
> with 20hrs+ of very detailed midi editing, all midifiles of two tracks
> are missing in the session. I simply worked, never shut down the
> computer and am completely positive, I didn't accidentally delete
> anything.

I'm really sorry for your loss ...

Have you read this? https://community.ardour.org/node/8457

I can't help you recover your lost data, but please make backups next
time you work your ass of for a piece of music! Harddrives fail too.

Hope you can recover the data.


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