[Ardour-Users] Monitoring always active

jonetsu at teksavvy.com jonetsu at teksavvy.com
Sun Nov 23 16:51:45 PST 2014


  I tried the qjackctl 'disconnect all' function in order to
troubleshoot a problem.  Thanks for the replies - very helpful.

  The problem remains, though.  There is constant monitoring so to
speak.  For instance, the mic is always feed through and ends up in the
speakers all the time, which causes feedbacks.  Before this problem
started to happen I use to press the 'input' button on a track's slider
(the button besides the disk button above the slider) to get
monitoring.  Not anymore.  Now I have to use mudita24 and lower down
the ADC1 volume in order to not get any feedbacks when playing other

  So I tried disconnecting everything and sure enough, no more
feedbacks.  But now with connections made, the problem resurfaced.  The
mic, capture_1, is not connected to any system input.  It is connected
to 3 ardour tracks, none of them have the 'input' button pressed.

How can I get back the functionality of having track monitoring only
when the a track's 'input' button is pressed ?


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