[Ardour-Users] File error

jonetsu at teksavvy.com jonetsu at teksavvy.com
Tue Mar 11 17:16:50 PDT 2014

See attached.  Missing files (QDrBrush left and right) at startup.  I
deleted them yesterday so there should be no error about them.  The
Ardour sessions was closed in the usual way.  No kill -9, no nothing,
just quit, as usual.

Actually there were two QDrBrush tracks, namely: 'QDrBrush-1' and
QDrBrush-2'.  Both were deleted in the previous session yesterday.

Related contents in same project directory:

% cd /Compotes/c2014-11/

% find . -name "*ush*"





I have to add that I've been using Ardour for years and that I'm pro
SW developer on Linux since 15 years.  So the chances that there's a
mistake on my part are slim.  And I really don't think that the hard
drive is failing although I'll surely make a backup Soon.  I haven't
seen this mishandling of session files before, ever.

My impression is that there's a slight tuning needed in Ardour
concerning the logic of session file handling. Perhaps a behaviour
change brought by some other modification. I mean, if I exclude me and
the machine, what else remains ?  Both were sober, too !

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