[Ardour-Users] Ardour 3 - export bugs

Kim Cascone kim at anechoicmedia.com
Wed Jul 2 22:30:55 PDT 2014

On 07/02/2014 05:16 PM, Paul Davis wrote:
> These are bugs. The export functionality was massively overhauled to
> allow many substantive and real-life improvements in exporting. A lot
> of people haven't really used it much and/or haven't reported issues,
> so we don't have a lot of feedback on what is confusing/broken/could
> be improved..
>> We would welcome suggestions on how to simplify it/ease its use.
> good to know you are open to suggestions - I just want to be able to
> add a new tab then modify it with the various params I typically use
> for audio - it seems like it's almost there - it's just unclear
> exactly how to do this
> The idea is that you create a new format that describes what you want
> so that you can refer back to it at any time. Then you use that
> format. Quite a few other applications (I'm thinking of rippers and
> transcoders use this approach too). Apparently we don't make it
> obvious enough.
the export panel bugs are what is causing confusion/opacity of behavior 
not the intended functionality of the new export panel - there are many 
apps that utilize export panels and make use of tabs so I think there's 
already a general expectation as to correct behavior of this sort of UI

but again if the bugs are muddling how things are *supposed* to work 
therein lies the confusion for the end user without a manual...it is 
fairly obvious how it's supposed to work and I like the intent - but the 
buggy behavior, impolite crashing and disappearance of my project 
directory is what made me roll back to Ardour2

as for the cross fades - not having them is not a show stopper and I 
realize if that part of the code was a PITA in terms of stability then 
sacrificing it was the right thing to do

keep up the great work and I'll continue my support of Ardour since it's 
an important part of my compositional process and performances


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