[Ardour-Users] Multiple USB Input recording ___IS___ needed. No it is not "DUMMB" to want this feature

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Tue Jan 14 16:11:19 PST 2014

On Tue, 2014-01-14 at 18:39 -0500, Al Thompson wrote:
> Do you demand to know who uses a Neve console in
> their recordings?

He easily could find out, but a Neve console doesn't provide what
somebody does expect when a DJ mixer is needed. An analogy, IIUC the OP
wants that Ardour does provide what a Neve console provides and that
it's used by the well known people who use Neve consoles, but it also
should provide what an elCheapo DJ mixer does provide. He doesn't want
or can't name what exactly those features are and the next analogy is
that flying faders should be realizable for free as in beer but by
elCheapo USB crap, instead of the need for expensive hard (motorized
faders) and software, while his grandma should be able to use flying
faders without knowing how a mixing console has to be used.

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