[Ardour-Users] Share ardour session for easy tutorial?

jonetsu at teksavvy.com jonetsu at teksavvy.com
Sat Aug 23 04:37:26 PDT 2014

Le samedi, 23 aoùt 2014 10:40:09 +0200,
Damien Delpiroux <xzurukneg at free.fr> a écrit :


> I would like to have your opinion about this question:
> What's the best way to share ardour files to make tutorial?
> But it's really big, and personally I would like to document about
> multi-track operations, so with about 16 tracks.
> Even in 44,1khz and 16bits, that's often very too big for "community
> site" (for example, like http://www.linuxmao.org/Accueil).

Even before this stage of technical question, what would be important is
to be sure the audience is well-targeted and well-served.  Once this is
done, one path could include breaking up a 'total' example into various

Then the main question would be, since this is for computer newbies and
beginners, is there really a need to have about 16 tracks ?  Does it
really need to have about 16 tracks to demonstrate recording and editing
capabilities ?

If the capability of Ardour to handle 16 tracks has to be shown, maybe
a screen shot or two could do ! :))

Also, do the example need to sound ultra-good ?  After all, it
is about principles.


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