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Aaron Herzon herzona at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 21 11:49:06 PDT 2013

I've tried this a few times.  I don't think it ever worked but I could be


I think this could be a handy feature.  My interpretation of this feature,
simply based on the name of it, is that the following would happen,
functionally, not necessarily literally:


1)      The session targeted to be used as a template would be opened . . .

2)      The 'Save as Template' function would be called and a 'temporary
template' would be created . . . 

3)      A new session would be created using the 'temporary template' just
as it would if a normal template would have been used.


The use case I have it this:  I'm doing a demo recording project with my
band.  As we track and I go back and mix, I'm iterating on the set-up in
Ardour.  This is mostly because I am a noob and learning as I go.  So, I
know I could use the template but I know the template I would create would
be used just the one time and a new one would be needed to reflect the
enhancements made in that session to the set-up.  So, it would be easier to
initiate a new session, point to the last session to be used as a template,
and go.  I know there are probably a half dozen other ways to approach this
but it seemed like, to me, that the 'use session as a template' feature was
ideally suited for this.






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in 2009, I added some code to ardour (3.x under development) that
hypothetically (at least) allowed you to use an existing session as a
template for a new one.

I remember having this idea and discussing it with other developers and
users and thinking that it was easy and trivial and would be an excellent
new feature.

But now in the final quarter or so of 2013, I cannot see how this feature
(as currently implemented) could possibly work.

Has anyone used it? Does anyone recall any discussion of the idea? Has it
ever worked?



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