[Ardour-Users] "use session as template"

Benjamin Scherrer benjamin at wagnerbrutal.de
Sat Sep 21 09:40:19 PDT 2013

aaah :)

I think I tried that once in A2 and it worked, but it had no real use to
me since you can do pretty much the same with an additional snapshot. I
did multiple mixes of the same material.


Am 21.09.2013 09:28, schrieb Paul Davis:
> On Sat, Sep 21, 2013 at 12:21 PM, Benjamin Scherrer <
> benjamin at wagnerbrutal.de> wrote:
>> Hey Paul,
>> if I'm not confusing the feature I used it quite a lot (haven't been
>> able to work much with A3, though due to other work unfortunately). It's
>> cool when you add a new project where e.g. the drum routings will be
>> about the same and you don't have to set up everything from scratch.
>> Also some things like various vocal tracks with some pre-arranged
>> plugins and so on routed to a bus etc.
> that sounds like a normal template.
> the specific feature i am talking about is selecting an existing *session*
> to use as the template *when* creating a new one.
> using a template works, but i can't see how the "use session as template"
> option could ...
> --p

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