[Ardour-Users] "use session as template"

Benjamin Scherrer benjamin at wagnerbrutal.de
Sat Sep 21 09:21:59 PDT 2013

Hey Paul,

if I'm not confusing the feature I used it quite a lot (haven't been
able to work much with A3, though due to other work unfortunately). It's
cool when you add a new project where e.g. the drum routings will be
about the same and you don't have to set up everything from scratch.
Also some things like various vocal tracks with some pre-arranged
plugins and so on routed to a bus etc.


Am 21.09.2013 09:10, schrieb Paul Davis:
> in 2009, I added some code to ardour (3.x under development) that
> hypothetically (at least) allowed you to use an existing session as a
> template for a new one.
> I remember having this idea and discussing it with other developers and
> users and thinking that it was easy and trivial and would be an excellent
> new feature.
> But now in the final quarter or so of 2013, I cannot see how this feature
> (as currently implemented) could possibly work.
> Has anyone used it? Does anyone recall any discussion of the idea? Has it
> ever worked?
> thanks,
> --p
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