[Ardour-Users] Can Ardour be run remotely via ssh on a headless system? Was: Start ardour on command line in raspbian (rpi)

Julian Brooks jbeezez at gmail.com
Thu Oct 24 02:34:16 PDT 2013

Hey Marco,

Many thanks for the info.

I had checked the manual (sorry should have said).

And perhaps I wasn't clear in my initial message.

I'm running (or hoping too, yes I know it's tight on an rpi but I'm curious
to hear if it's doable:), sorry I digressed, I'm hoping to run ardour on an
rpi and I'm connected to the rpi via ssh to my laptop - where the laptop
has a gui, and the rpi does not).

I had a memory from the dim and distant past that there was another command
line message to start ardour, 'ardour-gtk' or something like that but that
may well be deprecated now.

If I do have the correct command line message (which I couldn't find from
'man ardour', perhaps too simple/obvious?) then perhaps my question should

Can Ardour be run remotely via ssh on a headless system?



On 24 October 2013 08:51, Marco Bertorello <marco at bertorello.ns0.it> wrote:

> 2013/10/24 Julian Brooks <jbeezez at gmail.com>:
> > Hi all,
> Hi Julian,
> > Possibly dumb/newb question...
> >
> > I've installed ardour on raspbian via the standard repo's.
> >
> > What command do I need for ardour to run on the command line (bash).
> to start Ardour by cli, you can see here:
> http://manual.ardour.org/ardours-interface/starting-ardour/starting-ardour-from-the-command-line/
> > I'm ssh'ing into my raspberry pi btw
> I don't know how can run Ardour on the tiny hardware of rpi, but I
> thinks that you want to have the GUI running on your laptop. If you
> want this, you must use the ssh X forwarding (google for "ssh -X").
> Best regards,
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> Marco Bertorello
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