[Ardour-Users] midi playback channels

David Santamauro david.santamauro at gmail.com
Wed May 22 08:40:58 PDT 2013

ardour3 built from revision 3.1-80-g126d592

I set up 5 MIDI tracks. My MIDI controller is connected to the INs of 
all 5 and I connected gmidimonitor to the OUTs of all 5.

My controller sends on channel 1. All midi tracks have
     "Record all channels"

.. and each midi track is set to output a fixed channel (1-5)
     "Use a single, fixed channel for all playback" (set 1-5)

Viewing gmidimonitor, I see note-on/offs for all 5 tracks but only on 
channel 1.

Is there something I'm not understanding with the expected behavior of 
"fixed playback" or is this a known issue?

I expect:
trk1:  in (ch1) -> out (ch1)
trk2:  in (ch1) -> out (ch2)
trk3:  in (ch1) -> out (ch3)
trk4:  in (ch1) -> out (ch4)
trk5:  in (ch1) -> out (ch5)



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