[Ardour-Users] A3: 225 dB audio spike caused by automation point

Polosson polo at citadelrock.fr
Mon Mar 18 11:25:52 PDT 2013

Le 18/03/2013 18:57, Q a écrit :
> Hi
> A noticeable click has started appearing, sometimes, at a particular 
> point in the A3 session I'm currently working on. The click is causing 
> the master channel to register 225 dB at that point.
> I've managed to get it to reliably produce the spike. For simplicity's 
> sake, there are three position markers: mark 2 occurs four bars after 
> mark 1; mark 3 occurs four bars after mark 2 and the spike occurs near 
> the end of the bar at which mark 3 is at the beginning. If I play from 
> marks 2 or 3, no spike. If I play from mark 1, the spike occurs in the 
> mark 3 bar. If I play from slightly after mark 1, no spike.
> I checked all the active tracks and none of their meters register a 
> similarly high output. I have tracked the spike down to an automation 
> point.
> One track (no plugins inserted), has the pan width automated from the 
> beginning of the mark 3 bar to near the end of the bar. The automation 
> consists of a single line defined by two points -- the audio spike 
> exactly coincides with the second point. Muting the track or 
> de-activating the automation stops the spike from occurring.
> I don't know whether it's of relevance, but the end automation point 
> is set at 0.90 (hovering over the point on the timeline), but the 
> width slider says Width 89%.
> Cheers
> Q
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Hi, I already had the same issue, but it was due to a very close second 
point (invisible unless you zoom alot). In a general manner, I noticed 
that ardour doesn't like the "too-much close-togethe"r automation 
points, and some mega clicks appear.
I suggest you to delete (or move) the point that causes the click, and 
see if there is not another point behind :)

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