[Ardour-Users] A3: 225 dB audio spike caused by automation point

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Mon Mar 18 12:29:23 PDT 2013

On 18/03/13 18:25, Polosson wrote:
> Hi, I already had the same issue, but it was due to a very close second
> point (invisible unless you zoom alot). In a general manner, I noticed
> that ardour doesn't like the "too-much close-togethe"r automation
> points, and some mega clicks appear.
> I suggest you to delete (or move) the point that causes the click, and
> see if there is not another point behind :)
> cheerz
> --
> Polosson, ingénieur du son et web-développeur <http://www.polosson.com>

Thanks. I've zoomed in a long way and can't find any extraneous 
automation points.

My first thought was to delete/recreate the points and I will try -- I 
wasn't sure whether the current session file would be useful in 
troubleshooting the problem, so I've made a copy of the file.

It's a stereo track and one channel has a decaying note whilst the other 
has the start of a note, slightly before the beat where the automation 
point occurred. Moving the point back a fraction, to before the right 
channel audio started, the click went away: returning the automation 
point to the beat (and thus slightly after the RH audio starts) the 
click returns.

Deleting the point entirely and putting a new one in the same place (on 
the beat), also causes a spike. I'll move the point back to before the 
RH audio starts, it won't make any difference.

I just thought it was really weird the way this only occurs if you take 
an eight-bar run up at it!



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