[Ardour-Users] A3: 225 dB audio spike caused by automation point

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Mon Mar 18 10:57:47 PDT 2013


A noticeable click has started appearing, sometimes, at a particular 
point in the A3 session I'm currently working on. The click is causing 
the master channel to register 225 dB at that point.

I've managed to get it to reliably produce the spike. For simplicity's 
sake, there are three position markers: mark 2 occurs four bars after 
mark 1; mark 3 occurs four bars after mark 2 and the spike occurs near 
the end of the bar at which mark 3 is at the beginning. If I play from 
marks 2 or 3, no spike. If I play from mark 1, the spike occurs in the 
mark 3 bar. If I play from slightly after mark 1, no spike.

I checked all the active tracks and none of their meters register a 
similarly high output. I have tracked the spike down to an automation point.

One track (no plugins inserted), has the pan width automated from the 
beginning of the mark 3 bar to near the end of the bar. The automation 
consists of a single line defined by two points -- the audio spike 
exactly coincides with the second point. Muting the track or 
de-activating the automation stops the spike from occurring.

I don't know whether it's of relevance, but the end automation point is 
set at 0.90 (hovering over the point on the timeline), but the width 
slider says Width 89%.



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