[Ardour-Users] Ardour 3.0 is released / payment options

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Tue Mar 12 04:32:57 PDT 2013

On Tue, Mar 12, 2013 at 4:24 AM, Christian Weikusat <
christian at shamanbenefit.net> wrote:

> Thank you everyone who has been working on this, that is a really nice
> release!!
> But paying via PayPal was a big problem for me.
> When changing the country to Germany, PayPal would not let me proceed to
> pay without registering a PayPal account (which I won't).
> (I have absolutely no problem with using PayPal for the transaction, as
> long as I don't have to register an account!)

My understanding is that paypal is not forcing you to have "an account",
but it does need a name and email address so that issues with the payment
can be followed up. Consider what happens if you decide you want a refund
or chargeback, or if something goes wrong with the payment. I do not
believe that that paypal requires that you establish any kind of funding
source to the "account" you set up with them, so it is not coupled to your
bank or credit card.

Am I wrong about that, for Germany at least?

> After several tries I was very close to just using the free demo version
> (saving plugin parameters is not essential to me) and not pay at all.
> But then I found a "solution" for the problem: With Javascript disabled I
> was finally allowed to pay without account. Good for you.

Nothing on the website should force you to pay for a copy unless I have set
it that way, which I have tended to do in the middle of a month when income
is low. What process do you believe was forcing you to pay?

> I know this has been said time and again, yet still: Please consider
> establishing some additional means of payment.

I look at alternatives roughly once a month. I still have not found a
sensible alternative. In particular, integration of the european banking
system with the US one is still a major issue. About the only thing I could
do would be to open a bank account at a european bank, which is hard to do
without either (a) being there and/or (b) paying exorbitant fees. One
alternative right now that may be promising is Braintree Payments, but I
have yet to clarify their handling of EU direct bank transfers (i.e.
whether it even exists).

> After all, I wouldn't really mind using ardour without paying, but I guess
> you would.

I care only that I make enough to continue working full time on the
software. It doesn't matter to me where that comes from. If enough other
people pay, I don't waste energy worrying about those who don't. By the
same reasoning, though, please don't expect me offer help and support if
you don't want to pay.

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