[Ardour-Users] [Ardour3] Vanishing region's 1st note when changing tempo

Holger Marzen holger at marzen.de
Sun Mar 24 13:01:56 PDT 2013

Hi all,

I am using Rosegarden for some time and saw Ardour3 with some nice
features like effect sends and LV2 plugin capability. Now I am playing
around with Ardour3.

I set up a Midi track with the Calf Fluidsynth plugin. I recorded a
region whose 1st note begins at the region's start and is quantized, so
it's exactly at the 1st position. I encounter 2 problems:

- When I position the marker at the region's start and press SPACE or
  click the play-button then the 1st note is omitted.

- When I change the tempo (e.g. from 120 to 130) the 1st note is
  permanently deleted from the region.

Am I doing it wrong or has Ardour3 some kind of a rounding error?

Best Regards

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