[Ardour-Users] DDP CD image and/or CUE/TOC

Delpishtroumph xzurukneg at free.fr
Thu Jun 27 22:03:27 PDT 2013

Hi all.
Most of CD factory need (requires) DDP image file.
Anyway, the one I've to work with ask DDPi or CUE.
After ask on #ardour, I've been able to make a correct TOC file, by
insering 2seconde of silence at the beginning end the end of the session
and using CD range grid.

The first thing is that seem indispensable to make correct image
(Correct?) (and that seem to not be mentioned anywhere.
If it's wrong please tell were.

The second is that I don't be able to be sure my CUE image is correct.
I've burn it with k3b but don't obtain an audio CD, but a CUE/toc CD..?
With cdrdao, I can burn TOC file correctly. But I'm not sure that mean
my CUE file is correct.

If you have or there one correct method to do and/or check the CUe file
please tell us!


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