[Ardour-Users] Desperate experience. incremental auto-save porosition

Delpishtroumph xzurukneg at free.fr
Fri Jun 28 07:15:53 PDT 2013

This morning, I've recorded a little title.
I've recorded in order drum, bass and guitar. then save, after each
step. All ok.

After, I was playing with calf pulsar on the guitar bus, and trying to
write an automation for the "bypass" parameter of the plugin.
The play head was "playing" and I tried to move the value cursor of
The gui stop but the music was still playing. After some seconds, music
stop. Then ardour crash.

Reloading the session, there is no bass regions showed in the editor.  :-(
Here the log:

.ardour file:

log after loading the .backup session (nothing better, exactly the same)

Las tried to help me without success, check the paste with the 28/06/13
date here : http://pastebin.com/u/Xzu

Regions missing are all " direct bass" and "ampli bass".
The bass was recorded with this two tracks simultaneously.

Anyway the .wave are here (in interchange directory)
But as I said "The wave file seem to be here, but I've did recording
with loop tool, so for this ones there a big wave instead of multiple
regions, and anyway, I can't re-find the exact position of each regions."
It's a very tedious work to restore this. :-/

So I think about this: why don't add an "incremental auto-save" option,
that save every 10 minutes and that conserve the two last ones?? 
(.backup now, .backup 10minute ago, .backup 20minutes ago)
A tool like that will prevent ALL the bad experiences that I had with
ardour3, and that don't means nothing.

About the autosave option, I always use it but don't know if that works,
and what is it supposed to do?
Anyway in my case, that seem never help me (and .bakup file too!)

Any help are very welcome!

Nice day to you!


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