[Ardour-Users] 'Normalising' part of a region.

Jörn Nettingsmeier nettings at stackingdwarves.net
Sat Feb 2 14:40:16 PST 2013

On 02/02/2013 10:41 PM, Raoul McAlister wrote:
> Hi All,
> Now that my export problems have been solved, my next question is about
> editing tracks. I have ripped the audio out of an mpg news presentation
> and I am editing it to remove certain time references and gaps etc.
> Potentially a bad habit I have developed while using CoolEdit/Audition
> is to select certain quiet or otherwise bad regions within the track and
> normalised these to match other parts of the track which were normalised
> correctly (or it should be said, better dynamically balanced).
> Now I understand that normalising is best left to the very end even at
> the mastering stage, but I need to still dynamically balance this out of
> balance track. Is this best done by using gain automation? (this will
> take a lot longer than what I do now).

to normalize means to make the loudest peak reach full scale. 
unfortunately, that has nothing whatsoever to do with perceived 
loudness. so no, it's not the best method.
while you could use automation or region gain curves, i agree that it 
would be a lot more work, without any benefit.
your best bet would be to use "boost region gain" and "cut region gain", 
normally mapped to "&" and "=" iirc. each press will change the gain of 
the currently selected region(s) by a small step which i've forgotten, 
something like 1dB probably.
for me, that's the fastest way of gain matching stuff during editing, 
and it doesn't get in the way later when you mix.

> And the other question I had was about random grouping of regions so
> that they could be moved as a group without changing the time positions
> of the regions relative to eachother. This grouping would be preserved
> in the session and there could be multiples of such groups in the
> session. Other regions could also be added. I think I recall a note from
> Paul D that this was in the 'to do' list and I was just wondering
> whether it was any closer to realisation. It is a handy feature.

like paul said, you can create ad-hoc groups by ctrl-clicking several 
regions. once you're satisfied with your edits, "consolidate" them in place.
if you want to preserve timing relationships across several tracks, 
group those tracks and active "select" for the group.



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