[Ardour-Users] AFL monitor issues on A3b5

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Sat Jul 28 09:42:32 PDT 2012

On Sat, Jul 28, 2012 at 12:25 PM, michael noble <looplog at gmail.com> wrote:

> Yes, I don't want to affect the master. I want to "listen" to the track,
> via the monitor at [post-fader but before the mute] in the signal chain.

the mute point in ardour isn't a single point, btw. right click on the mute
button for options.

> In other words, After Fader Listen, or at least what I thought AFL stood
> for. This way I can listen to incoming live feeds, with effects, and then
> drop them in the master for output to the PA by un-muting the track. In
> other words, listen to live feeds in headphones before dropping them into
> the mix. Perhaps my live use is at odds with studio use. I guess this is
> what is called the "cue" switch on hardware DJ mixers.

yes, DJ consoles operate pretty differently from studio or live PA
consoles. the cue switch is something ardour doesn't have (true of most
DAWs, and has a lot to do with the reasons why tools like Traktor exist).

> i don't think there is any way to do what you want, not in ardour
> , or on any console that provides AFL/PFL. this suggests that you should
>> probably rethink what you want :) what are you trying to do that requires
>> this?
> Actually I jury-rigged to get what I want by using a post-fader send in
> each track,

sure, i meant "with pre-defined routing" :)

with a midi controller setting the send volume. I say jury-rigged because
> this requires using puredata to generate midi messages, as Ardour sliders
> don't seem to accept single midi values to set their level at a specific
> volume. If i send say, a value of 127 to the CC assigned to midi of the
> send level, then the gain level does not change to 127. I guess this has
> something to do with controller pickup logic.

all the gain controls in ardour use a non-linear, volumetric control curve,
as most h/w consoles do. when the fader is near 0dB, you have very fine
control; as it moves further away from 0dB it takes fewer pixels or
millimeters of motion to change by a given number of dB.

so that physical MIDI faders provide the same feel, MIDI control obeys this
mapping - the incoming value range of 0..127 is mapped to this non-linear
volumetric gain control. 0 = -inf dB,  0dB being at about 0.717 * 127 = 91,
and 127 == +6dB

i'm also not clear on what a "gain level of 127" would mean, btw.

> So to actually change the volumes I have to send a line of controller
> increments over a 500 millisecond period. In other words, automated
> fade-ins or fade-outs.

no, you don't. Ardour will do its own ramping of values. i'm not sure why
you concluded this.

> age of this approach is that it is flexible - I can listen in at any point
> in the signal chain by simply sliding the send up or down. If sends had a
> mute I guess I could do what I originally wanted, and retain this
> flexibility.

the led button in the send as represented in the mixer strip is an on/off
which effectively mutes (with a declick, IIRC)
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