[Ardour-Users] Ardour3 + linuxsampler plugin

Edward Diehl diehl at umich.edu
Wed Feb 15 11:35:06 PST 2012

Does Ardour3 support restoring of samples loaded by the linuxsampler lv2
plugin?  So far as I can tell this does not work.  There were bug reports
on this (some by me) and a patch to linuxsampler made which was said to fix
the bug.  However, I've never gotten it to work.  I'm using Ardour3 SVN
11485 and linuxsampler 2314 (latest-which seems to have the patches
applied).  If I load a gigfile into ardour3+linuxsampler lv2 plugin, the
gigfile is not loaded when the session is restarted.  Is there any way to
get this to work? Maybe there is a compile option needed?


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