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Bill Sack bsack23 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 4 09:00:13 PDT 2012

since you mention toast i'll assume you're trying to do this with mac & OS
X? i had no success with getting toc or cue files from ardour to do
anything usable with toast or spin doctor or any other gui program so i got
good old cdrdao (from fink, probably) and now can make red book CDs with
toc files linux-style on the command line on os x. it's not hard to do, is
very flexible, and actually makes you smarter! (well, maybe not ...)

On Wed, Apr 4, 2012 at 10:08 AM, . m u r m e r . <murmer at murmerings.com>wrote:

> a question about making .cue files with ardour:
> when i make a master and its accompanying .cue file with ardour, i've
> noticed that i can't burn it with toast. i get an error that says my file
> 'is not a valid .bin or .cue file' and that my .cue 'is in an unsupported
> format and could not be added.'
> meanwhile, i *can* burn the project with burn, but the resulting disc
> (slow-burned on taiyo yuden discs) often won't play on audio cd players (it
> always seems fine in a computer).
> any ideas what's wrong, or what i can do to remedy this?
> best,
> patrick
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