[Ardour-Users] .cue files

. m u r m e r . murmer at murmerings.com
Wed Apr 4 07:08:52 PDT 2012

a question about making .cue files with ardour:

when i make a master and its accompanying .cue file with ardour, i've 
noticed that i can't burn it with toast. i get an error that says my 
file 'is not a valid .bin or .cue file' and that my .cue 'is in an 
unsupported format and could not be added.'

meanwhile, i *can* burn the project with burn, but the resulting disc 
(slow-burned on taiyo yuden discs) often won't play on audio cd players 
(it always seems fine in a computer).

any ideas what's wrong, or what i can do to remedy this?



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