[Ardour-Users] Adding tracks or busses disconnects Ardour from JACK

Pablo Fernández pablo.fbus at gmail.com
Sun Oct 23 14:00:04 PDT 2011

> Ubuntu's Ardour 2.8.11 works fine. I completely removed this and 
> 2.8.12 (I had them both installed) re-installed 2.8.12, restarted and 
> the prolem still exists.
> Obviously I can continue with 2.8.11, but I'd rather be using the 
> latest stable version. By the way, I like the installer rather than 
> having to compile it -- nice move. It's just my bloody luck that when 
> I finally got around to donating/paying for Ardour I have problems 
> with it. Oh well, that's sod's law for you :-)
> Anybody got any further ideas or suggestions?

I suggest you try installing 2.8.12 package from KXstudio team PPA. It 
works well here (Ubuntu 11.04 as well).

Cheers, Pablo

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