[Ardour-Users] (Supposed) MIDI workflow with A3

Kevin Thoma kevin.thoma88 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 13:08:04 PDT 2011


I've recently tested alpha 10 of Ardour 3 and I was wondering about a good
way of going at things with MIDI. Right now, I would set up the appropriate
MIDI connections and have the MIDI tracks in Ardour play my hardware and
software synthesizers. Then I create a bus for each MIDI track and add the
plug-ins I want to use for that track. Does that approach make sense? I
somehow feel it would be more natural to add the plug-ins directly to the
MIDI track in Ardour but that doesn't work with the plug-ins I use because
only ones with MIDI inputs are allowed in the track...

I'm less concerned about particular workarounds (as I'm probably going to
wait for the release of Ardour 3 before using it on my productions anyway)
than about how it's designed to work. I wouldn't like doing
lots unnecessary routing if there's an easier way. ;)

Also, do I even need to bounce the MIDI tracks at any point when working
with busses this way and exporting from Ardour?

Cheers, and thanks for clarifications! :)

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