[Ardour-Users] How do you use Jamin in Ardour (was: Cleaning up unused regions)

Brett McCoy idragosani at gmail.com
Thu Oct 6 06:03:29 PDT 2011

On Thu, Oct 6, 2011 at 8:21 AM, Joe Hartley <jh at brainiac.com> wrote:

> That seems like a lot of work to me.  I too don't add Jamin until I'm
> done with the mix, but it's so simple to add an insert to it in the
> master track.  Doesn't matter to me whether it's pre- or post-fader
> since I leave the master channel at 0 dB - if it goes over, I've mixed
> poorly!

Exactly! I never touch the master volume. In fact, I do all of my
mixing at pretty low levels, to give me plenty of overhead. I wait
until the mastering to worry about loudness.

I mainly use MixBus for mixing these days, and yesterday I made my
life simpler by using MixBus -> Jamin -> Ardour for mastering (no need
for funny routing). Don't know why I didn't think of doing that before
:-) My machine does get stressed with too many tracks, it's obvious I
need to upgrade my hardware (right now, it's an old Dell XPS model,
32-bit, with only 2G of RAM). A big orchestral piece with 35+ tracks
tends to slow the machine down a bit... :-)

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