[Ardour-Users] MIDI edit : draw a note in only 1 of multi duplicate region ?

fred f.rech at yahoo.fr
Wed Nov 9 03:08:22 PST 2011

>> have made a basic beat in a 2 bars region, and duplicate to the lenght of
>> the song.
>> Now, in some of the new regions created, like to add or del some notes.
>> When draw a note with the pencil in one region, it draws the same note in
>> every region.
> by default, region copies all use the same data (as for audio). thus
> editing the data in one of them change the data displayed by all of
> them.
> you have two choices (assuming current svn):
>   (1) right click on a given region, go to the "MIDI" item in its
> context menu, and select "Fork" which will make the selected region(s)
> all independent
>   (2) in Session ->  Properties ->  Misc, enable "MIDI region copies are
> independent"
> --p
Thanks Paul,

running the 10000 Alpha, so have selected MIDI fork and it's ok :)

Was wondering since a while what this fork was for, (salad, fish ?)) 
cause when you
just select it, you can't seen any change, of course !

Thanks again for your great work,

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