[Ardour-Users] HyperThreading

Nando nandinga at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 19:06:27 PST 2011

Hi all!!

How Ardour users feel about HyperThreading?

I figure Ardour (and/or Jack?) behaves as a single very CPU-intensive
thread when using a lot of plug-ins, and when running at low latency. I
currently don't have a computer with Ardour installed to see the related
processes in action :s

Reading on the internet I kind'a understood that HT will NOT split the
physical core time in two, so if a CPU-hungry thread is running alone it
should be taking full profit of the core, as without HT. But there are
other processes, like the OS itself, I guess Jack, etc.

Considering an HT capable dual-core CPU (I'm checking an i5-2410M laptop),
I wonder if disabling HT would guarantee the use of one full physical
processor for that CPU-intensive thread. I'm not sure how the linux
scheduler deals with this cases, as there is probably no way to determine
that a thread will be more CPU-hungry than another.

What are your experiences and recommendations?

Thanks in advance!!
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