[Ardour-Users] Jack2 (1.9.7) & ardour 3.0

m.eik michalke m at openmusiccontest.org
Tue May 3 15:52:58 PDT 2011

hi henry,

am Dienstag 03 Mai 2011 (20:35) schrieb Henry W. Peters:
> I have tried to install jack2 (1.9.7) by building the tar ball
> When I try to uninstall, or remove jack 1.9.6 via synaptic, it 'wants' to
> remove a bunch of jack related programs, including my install of ardour
> 2.8.11, & not only that, but reinstall jack1. Is there some way around this
> quandary (this may be a deja vu circumstance)?

as wayne already pointed out, installing something circumventing the package 
management is probably not the best idea.

in case there's no .deb package of 1.9.7 around, you can try to build one on 
your own and let that one replace the installed one. this might seem a little 
more complicated than compiling directly from source, but at least your system 
is aware of what belongs to which package.

a dirty hack (i didn't try with jack myself, but it worked on a lot of other 
packages): as long as a) the package isn't heavily patched by its maintainer, 
and b) there's no deep rooted changes between the two versions, you can try to 
apply the latest package diff patch against the new sources (look at the 
sources your distributor provides, it should be there somehwere...), like

 cd new_package_sources
 zcat /path/to/package_name-version.diff.gz | patch -p1

(although for jack there even seems to be a debian-tarball you just have to 
unpack, see http://packages.ubuntu.com/natty/jackd2 )

this should create an additional folder called "debian" in the source's root 
directory with all files needed for packaging. to change the version number of 
the package, update "debian/changelog". then run

 dpkg-buildpackage -r fakeroot

in the source's root directory to build the package. you'll most likely need 
to install some develepment packages for this to work, if you run into errors. 
after the package was created, install it by

 dpkg -i package_name-version.deb

but be aware that although now your package management system should be 
satisfied, the contents of your new package can of course still completely 
break your setup! however, if that's the case, you should be able to simply 
downgrade again to the previous package. remind yourself of this advantage if 
building a package for the first time leads you to despair... ;-)

viele grüße :: m.eik

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