[Ardour-Users] Ardour uses 100% cpu when paused, 10% when idle

Mark Veltzer mark.veltzer at gmail.com
Sat May 7 03:00:46 PDT 2011

Hello all!

First of all - thank you for a wonderful piece of software...

I've searched the archives for these types of bugs before reporting but
only found reports dating 5 years ago so here goes...

I'm recording with ardour, and then playing back (with some plugins,
fairly standard). When I pause the playback ardour consumes 100% CPU.
When I move the head back to the begining of the tune CPU consumption
goes does to about 10%.

So two questions:
- why 100% when I'm doing nothing ?
- why 10% when I'm doing nothing ?

Some info:
Ubuntu 11.04.
kernel 2.6.38-8.
I have the old firewire stack installed on it (since ffado needs
the old stack).
jack version 1.9.7.
Ardour version 2.8.11.

Again, thank you (Paul and all) for a wonderful piece of software. My
windows friends are envious...:)

BTW: I am a software developer knowledgable in Linux kernel as well as
user space. If you have some menial task please assign it to me. I don't
have a lot of time but what I have I will gladly contribute...

Mark Veltzer <mark.veltzer at gmail.com>

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