[Ardour-Users] what linux audio project do you miss?

Jason Jones poeticintensity at gmail.com
Wed Mar 2 18:24:17 PST 2011

> Unfortunately, all of the graphic EQ plugins I've heard have sounded
> like Tascam gear, or even worse.
> I'd MUCH rather have a good 3 band parametric, a GOOD
> compresser/limiter, a good delay line, and a good basic 'verb, than a
> dozen or so distortion/clipping plugins based on various math processes
> I don't care about, or countless things based on FFT which do things
> that, while interesting mathematically, are not listenable in any sort
> of musical situation.
> I'm not really trying to be an audio snob, but that is the thing that I
> see keeping people from making serious use of Linux as an audio platform.
LinuxDSP has pro-level plugins.  They're not FOSS (although they were
originally distributed that way, just not financially feasible I guess).
 I'm currently using a multi-band compressor, and a 10-band parametric by
linuxdsp, and they're worth every penny.  I also recently bought mixbus,
which has per-channel EQ and compression, which work like a charm.  So,
Linux *does* have great pro-level audio tools in addition to ardour, it's
just that they're not free.  (I used ardour for 3 years for my studio, and
loved it.)  Can't wait for version 3 to come out!

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