[Ardour-Users] what linux audio project do you miss?

Jörn Nettingsmeier nettings at stackingdwarves.net
Thu Mar 3 02:30:58 PST 2011

On 03/03/2011 02:06 AM, Al Thompson wrote:

> I also don't really think that putting 31 band EQs in everyone's hands
> is necessarily a good thing.

much agreed.
there is no excuse ever to be using a 31 band graphic eq except for live 
rocknroll shows under severe time pressure, to prevent and/or react to 
learning to use a parametric is not that hard, and people who believe 
the curve they are seeing on a graphical are probably beyond help anyway...

> I'd MUCH rather have a good 3 band parametric, a GOOD
> compresser/limiter, a good delay line, and a good basic 'verb, than a
> dozen or so distortion/clipping plugins based on various math processes
> I don't care about, or countless things based on FFT which do things
> that, while interesting mathematically, are not listenable in any sort
> of musical situation.

check out fons' FIL, or the lv2fil graphical frontend written by nedko 
arnaudov. four parametric filters, does the job fine, only the UI knobs 
are a bit hard to use.
no HPF/LPF unfortunately, but there are other plugins for that.

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