[Ardour-Users] Directing MIDI input from a keyboard

Leigh Dyer lsd at wootangent.net
Sun Jun 26 15:50:06 PDT 2011

On 06/27/2011 05:40 AM, Al Thompson wrote:
> On 06/26/2011 08:43 AM, Leigh Dyer wrote:
>> You can indeed assign different MIDI inputs to different tracks, but I
>> only have the one keyboard connected. I suppose I could use an
>> external app like QMidiRoute to split my keyboard input out to
>> multiple MIDI outputs based on the MIDI channel, but that would be an
>> awful lot of work.
> Do you have the MIDI tracks in Ardour set to only respond to one MIDI
> channel, or are they set to OMNI?

I have some tracks set up to respond to a single channel, since they're 
being sent to different channels on a multitimbral hardware synth. 
However, I have some other synths loaded as LV2 plugins that expect to 
receive their data on channel 1, so if I use any other channel for them, 
they don't make any sound.

Once you have two such synths loaded, both necessarily set up on channel 
1, you get back to my original problem.


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