[Ardour-Users] Directing MIDI input from a keyboard

Melvin Ray Herr stilllearnin at thettpost.com
Sun Jun 26 12:22:46 PDT 2011

On 06/25/2011 11:36 PM, Leigh Dyer wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a project set up in Ardour 3 with a number of MIDI tracks, all 
> of which I'd like to be able to selectively play with and record to 
> from my MIDI keyboard. I have the keyboard hooked up to each track's 
> inputs, but when I press a key, the message gets sent to every track, 
> which makes working with specific sounds difficult.
> I was hoping that MIDI would work in a similar way to audio, ie: with 
> Auto Input disabled, MIDI data should only go to those tracks that are 
> armed for recording. That way, I could simply arm the track I want to 
> play with, and disarm any others.
> Is there a way to get this to work, or is there some other way of 
> managing a single keyboard input across multiple MIDI tracks?
> Thanks
> Leigh
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I dug out my midi keyboard and hooked it up.

In Ardour I created a new session and added 4 midi tracks.

Then I connected the input from the keyboard to the 4 tracks.

As I play on the keyboard, only the tracks armed for recording actually 
record the midi events.

The midi messages are of course sent to all 4 tracks because their 
inputs are all connected to the output of the keyboard. But ONLY the 
armed tracks actually record the data.

This is exactly how regular audio input works as well.

Maybe I misunderstood your question...
Were you wanting some other functionality?
What version of A3 are you using?

Melvin Ray

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