[Ardour-Users] MIDI tools

Leigh Dyer lsd at wootangent.net
Fri Jul 15 19:33:02 PDT 2011

On 07/16/2011 09:56 AM, Nando wrote:
> When in "pencil" mode (also necessarily in "note" mode), you can draw
> notes, resize them and move them. It would be nice to also be capable of
> resizing the region. In fact, you see that regarding MIDI editing, there
> are three possibilities:
>    1. Note mode off
>    2. Note mode on + Finger
>    3. Note mode on + Pencil
> In 1 you can't edit MIDI, but you can mode regions. In 2 you can create
> MIDI regions and resize/move notes in the selected regions. And in 3,
> you can do all you can do in 2, and create notes. Maybe it's just better
> to forget mode 2? And we could also let the user resize the region in
> that mode so one can do all editing in one single mode.

Mode 2 is actually very important -- it's the only way you can drag out 
a selection box to select and edit multiple notes at once. I think you 
can edit multiple notes in mode 3 if you shift-click on them all, but 
that's very tedious compared to just clicking and dragging out a 
selection box.

I'd agree that you should be able to resize the MIDI regions while note 
mode is on, though.


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