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Nando nandinga at gmail.com
Fri Jul 15 16:56:58 PDT 2011


I've been playing with the new MIDI sequencer functionality but I'm still
not 100% clear about the function of some editor buttons.

[image: Screenshot.png]

In my workflow I frequently write MIDI directly on the editor. My doubts
come specifically with the first, third and last button (left to right).

To draw a new MIDI region you need to have the "note" (last) button on. It
works whether you have the "finger" (1st) or the "pencil" (3rd) tool
selected. Then, if you want to resize it (frequent, since you may have just
drawn it wrong), you need to disable the "note" button. One thing that
confuses me is when in "finger" mode, the resize mouse pointer shows even if
the note button is selected, but you just can't resize. Not sure if it's a
bug or I just don't understand. Anyway it's just an extra click.

When in "pencil" mode (also necessarily in "note" mode), you can draw notes,
resize them and move them. It would be nice to also be capable of resizing
the region. In fact, you see that regarding MIDI editing, there are three

   1. Note mode off
   2. Note mode on + Finger
   3. Note mode on + Pencil

In 1 you can't edit MIDI, but you can mode regions. In 2 you can create MIDI
regions and resize/move notes in the selected regions. And in 3, you can do
all you can do in 2, and create notes. Maybe it's just better to forget mode
2? And we could also let the user resize the region in that mode so one can
do all editing in one single mode.

If you like that idea, I propose the following with the buttons in the bar:
when note mode is disabled, all buttons are like they are today (a3alpha9).
When note mode is turned on, finger changes to pencil and 3rd button
(select/move ranges) is disabled (or left enabled? I'm saying that just
because that functionality is not accessible now).

It's nothing really important, just that the toolbar confuses me a bit.
Congrats for the great work!!

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