[Ardour-Users] Ardour 3 and Linuxsampler

fred f.rech at yahoo.fr
Wed Jul 13 23:30:49 PDT 2011

Le 13/07/2011 23:39, Leigh Dyer a écrit :
> On 07/14/2011 07:27 AM, fred wrote:
>> BUT, what is missing here to have it as LV2 plugin in Ardour ? Others
>> LV2 non-instruments works...
> How did you install Linuxsampler? It does include an LV2 plugin, but 
> I've noticed that when I've built Debian packages from the control 
> files that come in the tarball (or SVN download), they leave out any 
> plugins, even if they've actually been built as part of the build 
> process.
> If you build it yourself from source, you should find the LV2 plugin 
> in the "src/hostplugins" folder under the main "linuxsampler" project.
> I've been using the plugin a bit myself lately; I run LinuxSampler 
> from SVN, but the plugin from version 1.0 may also work. I have some 
> notes on using the plugin here:
> http://wootangent.net/2011/07/everything-you-always-wanted-to-know-about-linuxsampler/4/ 
> Thanks
> Leigh
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Everything run !
Have build from source, without config options (it's too much of them)), 
and was trying to load gig from Ardour. That made crash. Because suspect 
a bug between the screen and the chair... don't make a report in Mantis. 
Was right, LV2 or not, Linuxsampler never automagically launch any GUI !

Like said this old philosopher : when everything has been tested and 
don't work, RTFM !!!

So, a big thank to you Leigh, pluss another one for this cool site, 
where discover that was doing stacked regions in A2. Means, w/ record voice,
have the same multiple takes behaviour to hope a decent result. Was 
recording in multiple tracks, and then copy paste the 'best' part takes 
of they to a new track. Definitively, A3 will ease and improve our 
sessions, as far as seen the new features from now !

Thanks again,
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