[Ardour-Users] MIDI tools

Nando nandinga at gmail.com
Sat Jul 16 05:41:40 PDT 2011


Mode 2 is actually very important -- it's the only way you can drag out a
> selection box to select and edit multiple notes at once. I think you can
> edit multiple notes in mode 3 if you shift-click on them all, but that's
> very tedious compared to just clicking and dragging out a selection box.

Ah! knew I was missing something :p you're right there.

I'd agree that you should be able to resize the MIDI regions while note mode
> is on, though.

Yup, in fact when in finger mode, the mouse pointer turns to resize mode but
you can't resize. That is probably a bug. If the solution to that is to make
it actually resize, then we have it. I would also suggest to let the user
resize when in pencil mode but I could be missing some constraint there.


BTW, nice blog there Leigh! (wootangent.net)
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