[Ardour-Users] RME Totalmix on a macbook pro

Zoran Spasojevic nature at timeprints.com
Sun Feb 27 01:06:48 PST 2011

On 02/27/2011 08:35 AM, Paul Davis wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 27, 2011 at 3:10 AM, Zoran Spasojevic<nature at timeprints.com>  wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> I recently got an RME babyface which I want to use with a relatively new
>> macbook pro to record with ardour.
>> I am having hellish time getting any signal out of the Totalmix and into
>> ardour for recording.
>> If anyone has had good experience with Totalmix and ardour on a macbook
>> pro, please help.
> totalmix is a control application for the RME audio interface. audio
> doesn't from from totalmix - that's just there to set the matrix mixer
> - it comes from the hardware.
> the default (bootup) configuration of the babyface should be perfectly
> fine to record and playback using any OS X app, including ardour. is
> there as reason you started trying to use totalmix to modify things?
I started first with the utility RME provides (Fireface USB Setting) to 
just set
the frequency and few other parameters. I could not get  ardour to to 
work with that.
Just out of desperation I tried using totalmix.
A few months back I had an apogee duet for a few days and it worked fine 
with ardour.
It is beyond me why I can not get babyface to work with this time.
Apparently, ardour (jack) sees all the inputs and outputs from babyface but
none of them is getting the signal into ardour.
RME instruction manual is not the most useful so I am not sure what to 
do at this point.
Is there a short tutorial on how to get ardour to work with devices like 
Thanks Paul for your reply.

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