[Ardour-Users] Explosions in my home studio (random noise bursts problems)

Tobiasz Karoń unfa00 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 23 14:03:39 PDT 2011


The thing was around for a while. When two clips are being aligned to each
other but not crossfaded, and not separate, they tend to generate a
monstrous amount of noise, especially when I use LADSPA and LV2 plugins
(especially unstable Calf LV2s form *KX Studio* repos)

[image: Ardour Clips.png]

Calf Vintage Delay LV2 plugins frequently is blowing my mixes up.

In this specific session I found out that bypassing an SC4 on my master bus
I can make those explosions stop. However it wasn't easy.

I wonder what is responsible for those problems, probably bugs in plugins,
but maybe there is something in Ardour that makes those things shout out

Below you can listen to how does it sound like:

Those sounds are *really loud*. Use low volume while listening to the record
for the first time, I don't want anyone to get a heart attack.
Here is the file:

PS: Looks like SC4 LADSPA and Calf Vintage Delay LV2 are two buggy beasts to
tame. Also Calf Saturator and Exciter (both LV2) were making problems.

Tobiasz *unfa*

Version: 3.1
GIT/MU/P d->-- s+:-(--)> a? C++(+++)>$ ULC+(++)>$ !P? L+++>++++$ E? W++>$
!N-? !o--? K-? !w-- O? !M-- V? PS++ PE++ !Y+ !PGP+? !t(+) 5? !X !R+ tv
b+>+++ DI>+ D+ G e h-->- !r y--()
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